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About IEGS


IEGS Staff 2018/2019  

Since its inception, IEGS has sought to bring English-speaking teachers of the very highest calibre to the school. Almost a quarter of the current teaching staff have doctorates (PhDs) in their field and the majority of staff have masters degrees and qualified teacher-status. The current staff of eighty is drawn from around the world including: Australia, Canada, France, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States and Sweden.

Our staff strive to achieve that every student receives excellent pastoral care, develop relationships with peers and adults in a way that prepares them for life beyond and acquire a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.

IEGS is a school that pushes you through your studies. The teachers strive to push the students’ limits. I enjoy the knowledge you get by studying cases and laws because it makes you think differently about society.

Truly international.
Outstanding teachers.
Safe environment.
Thanks to our international atmosphere we have a vibrant and supportive school community, where we believe that a student’s well-being is necessary for effective learning. We strive at all times to provide a safe and supportive, as well as an academically challenging, environment in which to study. Learn more ...