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Student Care

From left to right: Ms. Ertman Söderlind, Ms. Westin, Ms. Kubulenso, Mr. Björnfot, Ms. Hall (Mr. Sundström not pictured)

  Ms. Hall, Student Care Manager

Ms. Hall graduated from the Institute of Educating, London University, in 1992 as a History Teacher. She has taught in inner London, working in a variety of different roles. In 2008 Ms. Hall became an Assistant Head Teacher, taking responsibility for both the curriculum and pastoral areas. Ms. Hall is currently the Student Care Manager.


  Mr. Sundström, Counsellor 


  Ms. Westin, Counsellor

Ms. Westin has a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. She has previously worked within the social services with financial aid and unaccompanied refugee children. 


  Ms. Ertman Söderlind, Nurse

Ms Söderlind is the school nurse with a Master’s degree in Nursing  from Linnaeus University, Karolinska Institutet and the University of Skövde. She has specialty training in School Nursing and Sexology.


  Ms. Kubulenso, Academic Support

Ms. Kubulenso, originally from New York, holds a Bachelor of Science in Speech, Management Communication and Public Relations from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts and is a trained Facilitator in Group Dynamics. Currently, she is working towards her Teacher's Certification at Stockholm University. She is also a certified Yoga and Zumba ® Instructor. As a Student Mentor on the CARE team, Ms. Kubulenso helps students sharpen their self management skills with Academic Support.


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