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33 Students Attend IEGS Camping Trip

By Editor

“Last Saturday, May 25th, IEGS had is 4th successful camping excursion. This year we had a record breaking 33 students attending! Mr. Maier (school counselor), Mr. Heffernan (History Teacher), and Mr. Jones (Head of House for Russell) went out a night ahead to stake claim to our infamous spot in Paradiset Naturet Reservet. And like its name says, it really was paradise with the sun shining and the great relaxing atmosphere that nature provides.

The trip began for the students on Saturday morning when they lugged their heavy packs and loads to Handen station where they met their guides (us teachers!). We then set out on the Sörmlandsleden trail which is a beautiful hiking trail leading south from Stockholm through 100´s of Kilometers of amazing natural landscape. It would be easy to lie and say the hike was easy and uneventful but it was not!! There were a few occassions where a few people got a bit “off track” and had to back track to get back on the road to paradise.

Group shot 2013

campfire fun

lake pic 1

Students were happy after an 8.5K hike (10 for those lost people!) to drop their packs and take a swim in the lake. It was warm…..well thats what we tried to tell ourselves as we screamed with shock! After refreshing dips in the lake students enjoyed the simple pleasure of sitting around a warm camp fire exchanging stories, laughs, and just good company. People from different classes, different Houses, different groups, being together at one place is a wonderful thing to watch. Myself, Mr. Heffernan, and Mr. Jones couldnt wipe the smile off our faces as we watched IEGS students take their minds off the tests, assignments, and craziness of gymnaisum life for a while.

I would have to say that one of the highlights for me was playing a fun campfire game lead by one of the many fine students present. The laughter and joy spread throughout the dark forest and stayed with all of us I believe as we found our way back to civilization on Sunday.

camp fire 2

camp fire 2 2

There is now plans for next term to attempt two camping trips. One in the early part of September and one at the end of the year. We thought that since it is such a fantastic way for students to connect and get to know each other it would be great for first year students to have such an opportunity earlier in the year. More info to come on this idea at the start of Fall term!

After 4 successful trips it is safe to say that IEGS now has a nice tradition going which we plan on developing and extending in new and exciting ways.

Hope to see you next year out at the camp fire!

Mr. Maier

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