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5 Things You Can Do to Support IEG

By Editor

In the run up to Open House on January 28 we're very focused on showing the very best of IEG to the outside world. Many of us are justifiably proud of our school, and rightly so.

But there's lots of things we can do to make IEG an even better place to work and study. Here are just five:

1. Keep the Environment Clean and Tidy

Don't you find you work better at a tidy desk? Well, it's the same when you work in a clean and tidy environment. It oozes well being and helps you focus. Put those pieces of paper in the bin, chairs back where they belong and take pride in Allhelgonagatan 4!

2. Start a Class Wiki

Struggling to get your head round Dr Elmfors' lecture notes? Not quite catching every word of Mr Hill's Scottish lilt? Go on: support each other! Rather than keeping class notes in a folder, put them online and share with your class, encouraging others to correct, adapt and improve the resource. Instead of revising what you got out of a lesson, get everyone's input. Wikis are the gateway to collaborative learning and easily accessible on the school network.


3. Tell Everyone About IEG

It's hard to get your name known in any walk of life. For a school, it takes time and effort. When you apply for jobs later in life we want people to recognize IEG when you mention it. To help spread the word, you can put a link on your blog to and drive more traffic our way. Tweet about what you're doing at school (with a link to the school). Even wearing those IEG T-shirts that some of you have help spread the word. Every bit of help is appreciated!

4. Support Extra Curricular Activities

Each term there's always something on: like a charity fashion show, a play or concert. Attendance is usually pretty good but it could be even better. Just imagine you're on stage, accepting the applause. You'd want the whole school cheering. Go on, people work hard to put shows together. Try and support activities as much as you can. Encourage friends to come along and fill the Aula!

5. Encourage Your Parents to Join the PTA

The school PTA isn't exactly swamped with support. Sure enough, there's usually a handful of parents, dedicated to trying to improve things and come up with new initiatives. In the US and UK, the PTA is often a really dynamic organisation helping to organise concerts, dinner-dances as well as building a network to help students get summer jobs and internships. The PTA needs help and support from parents to make things happen. Try and encourage them to get out of the house a bit more often. You know it makes sense! The next meeting is on February 17, 2010 at 18:30.

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