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Activities in the Mathematics Department at IEGS

By Suma Venkatagiri

This year about 15 students from IEGS participated in CEMC (Canadian Maths Challenge) which is an external worldwide competition organised by the University of Waterloo. This competition helps to inspire the next generation of students to develop an interest in, and love for, Mathematics and Computer Science and requires problem solving skills.

Our students also participated in Skolornas Matematiktävling which is an annual Mathematics competition for all gymnasium students in Sweden.

We also have our own internal competition: a Monthly Math Problem that students participate in, led by Dr. Pol, Mathematics Teacher.

Besides arranging Maths competitions for students, the Math department also have after school-tutorials two days a week in addition to school times tutorials. These tutorials are for those who wants some extra help or want to learn more for other competitions that they participate in.

Our Mathematics department also runs a Google site providing information about the activities that we are involved in and other resources.

If you are interested in participating in any of these Maths competitions, want to learn more techniques or being creative in solving Mathematical problems, contact Mr. Hull, Head of Mathematics Department at IEGS.

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