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American Playwright Performs at IEG

By Editor

(Image: Jack Kendrick - Boxer, poet, actor and playwright)

IEG's favourite American playwright and actor, Jack Kendrick, was at the school yesterday to perform his award-winning one-act play, Just Keep Listening.

Mr Kendrick, along with Robin McGinley, performed to a packed audience of students and staff.

Kendrick wrote Just Keep Listening back in 1978 and it went on to win the Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Festival for best one act play. The play, which takes place in the locker room with two boxers hired as back-up fighters to fill in if the Main Event fights are over quickly, also went on to win the Dublin Theatre Festival.

Over the years Kendrick's play has been performed around the world with world famous actors like Sylvester Stallone and Morgan Freeman taking the roles, says Kendrick.

Robin McGinley played old timer Charlie Harris
CapRobin McGinley played old timer Charlie Harrision

"It was a fantastic audience at IEGS yesterday," says Kendrick."They picked up on the humour and really got into the spirit of things."

Kendrick, who is in his early seventies, played the younger boxer; Robin McGinley player the old timer.

"It's lot of fun playing the younger man," says Kendrick and still boxes regularly. "It's a great acting part to play, trying to look good physically. It's a big challenge."

"I think for the drama students at the school it's important for them to see how an actor can get into a part," says Kendrick. "They got locked in right away."

Kendrick, who helps out in the drama department at school occasionally, is going to be pretty busy over the coming months.

"I've got a play touring Ireland sometime before the end of the year," explains Kendrick.

The Black Box Theatre Company, led by Pat Nolan, will be performing A Third Class Carriage in Limerick, Dublin, Cork and Gallway.

As well as that, and giving readings of his poetry in Europe, Mr Kendrick expects to be around IEGS from time to time.

"I love seeing what Ms Smith and Mr Sery in the drama department are up to with the students. They're doing a great job."


Jack Kendrick's collection of poems, "Selected Poem" –the culmination of 35 years of work – was published by Philosophy Publishing in 2008.

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