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Anna Tingstedt talks about Regina Donato Lundgren's visit to IEG

By Editor

IEG News spoke to 3rd Year Pavlov House student Anna Tingstedt about the visit of Ms Regina Donato Lundgren to Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet.

anna tingstedt
Anna Tingstedt, Pavlov House

IEG: You got the Vice President of Telia Sonera networks, Regina Donato Lundgren, to visit the school in the autumn. How did that come about?

Anna Tingstedt: As the seniors and I were coming up with the topics for the assemblies I believed it was important to give students more ideas of what career they can choose. I believe Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet should give you more of these opportunities and what better way than through the House system could there be? So I discussed the topic of bringing guest speakers to the school with the seniors, and the idea of bringing a guest speaker who had inspired us a lot was a set goal. A person who has inspired me a lot is Ms Donato Lundgren, who was nominated for “Boss of the Year 2009” (Årets Chef 2009) by the Chef magazine. Through contacts I managed to get in contact with her and I was overwhelmed when I found out that she would like to come to our school as a guest speaker.

IEG: Why was it important for someone like Ms Lundgren to talk to IEGS students?

Anna Tingstedt: It is important to give students a picture of other career choices in life than just the typical stereotypes for natural science students such as doctor or civil engineer. Plus there's the opportunity of listening to a person who has succeeded in her career and seeing what brought her to the place she is at today. Another reason why I believe Ms Donato Lundgren’s visit was important is the maintenance of motivation amongst students. In order to achieve your goals and perform at your best you have to have a set goal in life – or a role model to follow. For this reason the visit of Ms Donato Lundgren was important as it fulfilled those needs- Mostly, however, it gave students the motivation to keep studying and performing to a high standard.

IEG:Did she say anything that really struck you as important?

Anna Tingstedt: Ms Donato Lundgren obviously had a lot of interesting things to say but what really struck me as important were the words: “Prepare for the long run”.

Ms Donato Lundgren didn't start off where she is today and she told us that before you can get where you want you have to prepare for years of “flipping burgers”.

IEG:How did the students at IEGS respond to the visit?

Anna Tingstedt: The students were excited by Ms Donato Lundgren’s lecture and were grateful to get a opportunity to listen to a person like this. A lot of the students were also inspired. I don't think Ms Donato Lundgren’s visit could not have been anymore successful.

IEG: Who would be your dream speakers at IEGS and Why?

Anna Tingstedt: My dream guest speaker in 2009 was Ms Donato Lundgren. Now like someone like her has visited the school I feel anything is possible. So I would maybe say Condoleezza Rice. It's not that I share the same political views as her, but I think she's an interesting person with an interesting job.

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