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Books, Books, Books! And some other ideas for the break

By Linda Kruusmägi
book shelf

For a few years now autumn break has been called reading break. A break spent hiding from the autumn weather catching up on the reading you did not have time to do during school weeks.

But what to read? Obviously what first comes to mind are the horror stories that will match your Halloween outfit. In the school library you can find a selection of classic horror books like Dracula, Selected tales by Poe and Pet Sematary as well as easyread horror stories with a twist like the Goosebumps collection. If you want to explore more Goodreads has a Halloween Book List with many different genres.

Books are really trending on TikTok right now. Many of the new books in the library this fall come from advice from students who follow fellow readers on TikTok. If you want to know which books are popular on TikTok take a look at the TikTok Shelf.

Are you interested in reading books in your mother tongue? The library has new books in for example Arabic, Turkish, Dari (Farsi), Kurdish and Somali. The new books are featured in the new books corner. 

Perhaps you want to take a break from reading and do something else? Kulturhuset in central Stockholm offers many activities during the break. You can attend workshops in the music production program Logic X,  dancehall and street dance. As well as workshops in creative writing and fanzines. On Friday they have an open poetry stage with free snacks.  

Stockholm Public Library offers a broad range of free activities during the break.  For example ghost walks, crafting and Comic con pre-parties. Have a look at the programme for one of the libraries close to you.

The library wishes you all a lovely break!


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