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British Universities You Should Consider

By Editor

(Image: At Pembroke College)

During half-term Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet principal Dr Margret Benedikz visited a number of British universities:

The purpose of the trip was to discover what some of the top British universities in the south of England have to offer IEGS students.

Listen to last week's podcast "Dr Benedikz Visits the UK" to find out more! (Sorry, podcast no longer available.)

"We specifically focused on universities around London this time around as costs restricted us from visiting the north," explained Dr Benedikz. "Hopefully I'll be visiting some northern universities and Scottish universities."


With increasing numbers of Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet students looking to study abroad – this term over 50 third years attended the Study Abroad lecture – the school wants to be able to give students more information and guidance with their UCAS applications.

"It can be quite disorientating working out what university to apply for," says Dr Benedikz. "Some of the newer universities that don't have a reputation for excellence are sophisticated marketers and target international students. We want IEGS students to be making the right kind of choice for their future."

With English and Welsh universities set to introduce increased fees from 2012 the cost of studying abroad will become a major consideration for students at the school.

"We want our students to have the best preparation for their future careers," says Dr Benedikz. "And part of that means having a degree from a top university."

Fabulous Facilities

Dr Benedikz was particularly struck by the wonderful facilities on offer at the universities she visited.

Sally Hubbard shows Dr B around UEA

"UEA has an amazing sports centre and a number of outstanding lecture theatres. I was also impressed by friendly atmosphere on campus there."

"Oxford and Cambridge, of course, are incredibly picturesque towns. I enjoyed seeing Pembroke College and Churchill College. Both have different things to offer IEGS students and I'd like to see more applications from our best students to these colleges. Churchill, for example, has a strong tradition of taking natural science students."

The benefit of studying in London was obvious with UCL and LSE situated right in the heart of London – with all the attractions of the UK's capital city on offer.

"All the universities we spoke to guarantee first year international students accommodation. In London it would be really quite hard (and expensive!) to find a place to live. But both UCL and LSE have residence halls right in the heart of the city."

Dr Benedikz extended an invitation to each of the universities she visited.

"Hopefully they will come and talk to students about studying in the UK as other universities have done. If things come off, we could see an event at the school sometime in the spring! could see an event at the school sometime in the spring!"

Find Out More

If you're thinking of studying at a British University you might want to visit one of the many Open Days they hold each year for prospective students. To find out more, visit the website of the university you are interested in.

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