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Cambridge University on Studying in the UK

By Editor

(Image: Dr Partington (right) and Dr Burt talked to IEG students on Friday)

On Friday Dr Richard Partington and Dr Caroline Burt from the University of Cambridge visited Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet to talk to second years about applying to Oxbridge.

The visit, coordinated by Mr Damian Brunker from IES Central Services, was intended to give IEG students more insight into what's involved when applying to the universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

Dr Partington and Dr Burt gave two one-hour talks to different groups of students in the staff room.

Dr Partington, a historian from Churchill College, talked about what universities look for when students write their personal statement and Dr Burt, also a historian, gave an excellent insight into the way that teaching at Cambridge – based around individual and small-group tutorials – is what really sets it apart from most universities around the world.

"It was an excellent talk," says Dr Margret Benedikz, principal of IEG. "It was interesting to hear what they said about how degrees are much less vocational than in Sweden. As Dr Burt said 'You study what you're interested in'. A British degree gives you transferable skills that employers tend to look for."

As part of their visit, Dr Partington and Dr Burt also visited IES Enskede, along with Val Sismey, from the Cambridge Examinations Board.

IEG and IES both offer Cambridge Examinations which are recognised by major universities around the world.

Photo: Durgam Al-Kaizhwan

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