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Choosing a Gymnasium

By Editor

(Image: It's not long until you start gymnasium!)

Starting gymnasium can be a scary experience. But choosing one can be just as nerve-wracking. When you're a kid your parents do the work for you but aged 15/16 it can be a big deal to choose the gymnasium you will be attending for the next three years.

In Sweden senior high schools (gymnasium) have become so specialised that it's possible to find a school that will give you a good start in your career whether you want to be a doctor, teacher, designer or engineer.

At IEG we offer the Natural Science Programme and Social Science Programme because we believe they are the best choice for students wanting to go onto university.

They're the kind of programmes that give you a solid training in key subjects like the sciences, English, maths, the humanities and social sciences and will give you plenty of options when you graduate.

The Natural Science Programme will get you into most things at university, assuming you get good grades, but it's particularly suited to students wanting a career in medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, engineering, biology, chemistry, and biotechnology. The Social Science Programme, on the other hand, is ideal if you are looking for a career in archeology, business, criminology, international development, education, journalism, law, politics, psychology, tourism and urban planning, among many others.

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Studying in a Supportive, Fun Environment

Another factor that might sway your decision when choosing a gymnasium is student care. Most schools now have a student cat scheme which deals with any school or home related issues. At IEG we have a Student Care Team who actively work to ensure that any trouble you may experience won't impact upon your studies.

We also put a lot into extra curricular activities like sports competitions, clubs and societies. They're great for team building and making new friends. They give students a chance to connect when doing something like really enjoy doing.

The Decision is Yours

No matter what you do, make sure you go around to as many Open Houses as possible to get a feel for different schools.

Only by talking to teachers and students can you really feel what a place is like. Ideally, you want to choose a school that will prepare you for your future and help get you where you want to be in three years time so sometimes it can be a good idea to start out figuring where you want to be and working backwards.

If, however, you're one of those students who is still unsure about what you want to do after you graduate gymnasium, don't panic! That's not a problem. Take you time to use gymnasiet to work out how you feel about things; explore new subjects, take on new ideas and find different sources of inspiration. Both the Social Science and Natural Science programme will give you plenty of options.

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