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The Citizen Scientist Competition- Big Data against Childhood Obesity (BigO) Project at IEGS

By Suma Venkatagiri

In March, we had our new inter-house competition at IEGS: the Citizen Scientist competition! As part of IEGS's involvement in the Big Data against Childhood Obesity (BigO) Project we asked students to voluntarily contribute their data to this big data project in order to help public policy makers in their fight against adolescent obesity in Europe. Students were given information on the problem of adolescent obesity and asked to contribute on a voluntary basis to the efforts of researchers in Sweden, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Spain by downloading the myBigO app. By using the app on a regular basis students can contribute pictures of the food they eat, food advertisements they see, and some background information about their level of physical activity each day.

The inter-house competition was to see which house contributed the most data to this project between weeks 9-11 and we thank all the participants who took part in this project and congratulate Pavlov House for winning this years inter-house competition. Our goal is to engage 1000 students in Sweden in the effort by June, 2019.

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