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Clarifying the Unexplained Absence Policy

By Editor

Over the last week there has been some discussion amongst students at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet about the 10 percent absence rule. Students who have unexcused absences above 10% are reported to CSN. CSN then make a decision as to whether or not reduce or stop the student's studiebidrag.

There have been suggestions that the figure is actually closer to 20%.

"A student in N2C contacted CSN to discuss the matter," explained Mr Spires. "He discovered over the course of a couple of phone calls that there is no absolute figure and that schools have flexibility."

"He acted in a very mature and sensible way, gathering accurate info," said Mr Spires, "clarifying the information and facts from a number of sources. Then, to his credit, he went on to explain the situation to the class."

In response to the uncertainty, Dr Benedikz said that: "The school's role is to provide the best education possible for the students. This is not achieved by missing every 5th class. What's more, the school law clearly states: 'Utbildningen skall främja elevernas utveckling till ansvarskännande människor, som aktivt deltar i och utvecklar yrkes- och samhällslivet.'"

"The whole idea of the School Law is to ensure that when students leave the school they are well-prepared to excel in the working world. In the workplace unexplained absence is not an option. At Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet we are trying to ensure that our students are fully prepared for the realities working life."

Students who regularly miss classes without good cause upset the lesson design, class plan and class room activities such as presentations and group work. They also miss out on vital information.

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