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Come together IEGS!

By Rachel Heimeier

I enjoy my walk into school each morning. It is the best time of day for me to collect my thoughts and breathe in the fresh air. As a treat, when I get closer to the school, I set my eyes on the colorful and ever changing window displays of Gunnarsons Specialkonditori and Skrapan boutique in Södermalm. Delicious breads, pastries and cakes of the season are promoted at this timeless konditori, while the other has a very fashion forward window display that subtlety integrates local and global awareness on events or issues.

Two displays have grabbed my attention these weeks; the treats with Swedish apples that are in season right now and the colorful Happy Socks displays of the Beatle collection of socks celebrating over 50 years since the release of the Yellow Submarine album (1968).

Looking at these displays, got me thinking about our school, of course who would not think of education when one sees apples and socks with Beatle themed celebrations. I got to thinking about the song “Come Together “, by the Beatles (not on that album), and reflected on how, during September, we as a school at IEGS have literally “Come Together”!  

With over a third of our student population new to our school, I am impressed with how they have settled into their new learning community, and how welcoming our experienced students and staff have been to our new comers this academic year so far. Working in an all English learning environment, with high academic expectations and taking on responsibility towards contributing to a safe and calm learning environment that we all wish to teach and learn in, is the mission that each of our students and staff have committed to by coming to IEGS.

School and house spirit have also been shared and displayed at our first two Inter House Competitions (IHC) of the year, namely, cross country and football. Mr Theding and myself are now looking forward to the song competition – one of the biggest highlights of the school year, seeing a whole house team sing in harmony on stage at our next IHC! Maybe a Beatle tune will be a song chosen for the day…. Come together… right now, IEGS!

/ Dr Heimeier



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