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A Culture of Debate

By Editor

IEGS is known for its debating skills. Several weeks ago, IEGS students took part in a debate against Kungsholmens Gymnasium, Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium and others. Though the school did not defend its 2012 title, students John baciu, Alice signell, Ellinor Carlsson and Sofia Miah achieved great success at the interschool competition. Siri Nylund, a former IEGS student who helped take the win in 2012, returned to coach and encourage this year's debate team. She had this to say of their efforts:

"The students only had about a week to prepare, but despite this they came out very successful. Keep in mind this was the first debate experience for most of them! John did a splendid job as a team captain, holding the group together and giving them a framework for prepartion. Sofia, Ellinor and Alice all partook with confidence and insightful reasoning - developing their separate styles. In the end, it was their enthusiasm and determination which led them to such good results, and I'm glad to say I only could do so much to help them, because the rest they did all by themselves. I look forward to the great results I expect IEGS can produce in future competitions with the involvement of these four!"

Today, another debate will be taking place. The Inter House Debate Competition is only an hour away!

Two Houses, King and Pavlov, will be battling it out with matter, manner and method, reaffirmations and rebuttals to determine a winner in the 2013 IHC Debate. The debate topic will be "This House believes 'God is dead'." This morning there was a coin toss to determine who would be the affirmative, and who would be the negative or opposition. Pavlov, it turns out, is a believer. King is in opposition.

Good luck to the two teams!

[Image courtesy of IEGS student Patrik Sanila]

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