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Day of the Girl at IEGS

By Editor
(Image: Emelie Gummesson)

On October 11, 2012 third year social science student Emelie Gummesson will be organizing several activities at IEGS to bring attention to the International Day of the Girl.

Day of the Girl

October 11 is the first International Day of the Girl, created by the UN following an initiative from Plan. The day is supposed to raise awareness to the important question of girls’ situation in the world. All over the world many young girls suffer oppression due to their sex, and are permitted things that many of us take for granted such as education, support, health care, and the right to choose our partner.

The idea behind the event is to make more people aware of this situation, as well as to encourage others to do things to help– because even the smallest thing can lead to significant changes!

Activities at IEGS

Outside the Administration Area at IEGS, there will be a Day of the Girl-corner where you’ll be able to do the following things:

  • Take a photo for the campaign Raise Your hand. You raise your hand for girls’ rights. The photos will be sent to Plan and Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General.
  • Finish the sentence “Because I am a Girl…” You say what you think is good about being a girl. Boys can finish the sentence “Because you are a girl...”. All clips will be edited into a movie, showing all great things about girls.
  • Get campaign-bracelets, magazines, and material about girls in the world
  • Learn more about what YOU can do to change the situation of girls!

Emelie is involved in Plangruppen Stockholm, a group of young adults that work with children’s rights through the organization Plan. During the day, there will also be other members from the group to tell you about their work, and how you can get involved.

Girls Education - The Facts

  • 75 million school-age girls do not have access to education
  • In the poorest countries of the world, 50 percent of girls do not attend secondary school
  • Globally, 1 in 3 girls are denied a secondary education
  • Every year 10 million underage girls are forced into marriage - most of them are taken out of school as a consequence.
  • An extra year of secondary school increases a girl’s potential income by 15 to 25%
  • An increase of only 1% in girls secondary education attendance, adds 0.3% to a country's GDP.

NB. Girls means all females 0-18 years old
Source: Plan


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