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A Day at the Nobel Week Dialogue

By Editor
Kate with James Watson, who discovered DNA
Kate with James Watson, who discovered DNA

On the eve of the Nobel banquette the Nobel Week Dialogue was held in the Stockholm Conference Centre. The Nobel Week Dialogue was a conference held by the Nobel foundation to celebrate the fiftieth jubilee of the discovery of The Double Helix (i.e. DNA structure) which was discovered by James Watson and Francis Crick. I was fortunate to seize the opportunity of a lifetime to go and see lectures and participate in discussions with some of the most influential researchers in modern biology.

Little did I know that I would personally meet some of my science idols! I was able to meet James Watson, the discoverer of DNA,I met Craig Mello, the discoverer of RNA interference, I lastly met Erik Lander, an influential character in the work of The Human Genome Project, which was a project organized to sequence the human genome. This meeting allowed students like myself to show our interest and enthusiasm. It even managed to get me an offer to try our research in an actual laboratory at Karolinska Institutet in the near future!

My over all experience at the conference gave me a huge insight into how one quick discovery led to a huge leap forward in the development of modern Biology. I would like to thank my Biology teacher, Dr Young for giving me the basics in genetics and without his knowledge I would not have been able to comprehend and process half of what these laureates were talking about!

Kate Fahlen IB1G

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