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Debating for Sweden

By Editor
(Image: Siri Nyland, front)

The Debate Club at IEGS has really taken off in the last few years under the guidance and encouragement of Dr Whiteley.

At the end of January Siri Nyland, one of IEGS' most active debaters, had the honour of representing Sweden at the World Schools Debating Contest.

Siri, along with students from Kungsholmen and Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet in Gothenburg travelled to Antalya, Turkey for the competition that took place between January 22 - February 6.
Although the eventual winners were Australia and runners up were Swaziland, Siri says the experience was amazing.

"I learned a lot about debating," she says, "but more importantly I met people from around the world with a shared curiosity about the world and knowledge.

"There was no kind of cultural clash at all," she says. "The other participants could have been from our school."

Debating is something that Siri feels very strongly about; she was inspired by the proficiency of some of the top teams.

"They were incredibly competent with a powerful style of debating. They didn't hesitate as they put forward their arguments and objections."

In spite of the hard competition against teams from the Philippines, Estonia, Japan, South Africa and England, Siri enjoyed the experience.

"Although we didn't win it was a good learning experience," says Siri. "It was a challenge and I enjoyed that."

The Debate Club at IEGS has been active throughout the school year, participating in competitions against other Swedish schools.

If you're interested in getting involved then go along to 4:2 after Mentor time on Tuesdays.

"Everyone is welcome," says Siri.

The upcoming debate will consider: "This house believes that the internet is a threat to democracy."

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