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Doing Ecological Field Work in Stockholm

By Editor


Earlier in the term all the Natural Science first years at the school headed out on an ecological field trip in the Stockholm region as part of their Biology 1 course.

The purpose of the trip was to experience doing ecological field work first hand.

"The students were investigating biodiversity in areas with different human impacts," says Dr Helen Quested. "Some of the areas have been used continuously by humans since the bronze age, and others have been used less. Grasslands with a long history of use are some of the most vulnerable habitats in Sweden, with about 90 % having been lost since 1945."

September 2011 098

Each class was there for about 2 hours. "And," says Dr Quested, "they were still smiling despite the tail end of a tropical storm !"

As well as a great opportunity to get to know each other, the trip was a chance to visit some of Stockholm's beautiful green areas & a chance to spend some time outside of the city environment.

"Hopefully the students have gained an insight into how humans have shaped the landscape over centuries, and how this has affected the plants and animals in the area, as well as getting an idea of how ecological studies are carried out," says Dr Quested.

September 2011 081

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