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Education and Innovation

By Editor

IEG Latest News had the chance to listen to Richard Gerver last week at a conference held by Rektorsakademien.

Gerver from the UK, is widely known as a public speaker on education in Britain having won the prestigious “School Head Teacher of the Year Award” at the British National Teaching Awards for his work in leading a school on the brink of closure to becoming one of the most innovative in the world. He currently runs IC-ED, an educational consultancy "dedicated to providing individual support, advice and design of future systems, curriculum approaches and training opportunities."

Like Sir Ken Robinson, a leading British educationalist who speaks around the world on education, Gerver is a keen advocate of educational reform and works tirelessly to promote creativity in learning.

Speaking to a packed audience of Swedish school principals in central Stockholm, Gerver passionately called upon schools to equip students with skills for the future, claiming that 80% of the jobs today's five year olds will do do not even exist yet.

Asked what could be done to change things, Gerver suggested the audience work together to ensure educational policy does not lose sight of the needs of learners.

"It was a fantastic talk," says Dr Benedikz, who represented Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet at the event. "I really appreciated the chance to listen to Mr Gerver. I truly believe that education policy needs to put the needs of students first. From what we've seen in a recent study, the overwhelming majority of our graduates believe IEG equips them for study and university and their career. That's extremely gratifying to hear."

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