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European Youth Parliament, Munich 2013

By Editor

The 72nd International session of the European Youth Parliament, Munich 2013

In April, Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet students, along with students from Kungsholmens Gymnasium, participated in the 72 international session of the European Youth Parliament in Munich, Germany. Students were divided up into committees, which then worked long hours to put forward resolutions to be debated and voted upon by the delegates of EYP from all over Europe. Those motions that were passed in this parliament will be presented to the European Commission. EYP was a challenging, fun, and educational experience for the students of IEGS.

One IEGS student, Pontus Korsgren, discusses EYP.

"It was one year ago that Hannes, Yasmin and I got involved in EYP for the first time. We went to the regional competitions and qualified to nationals fairly easily. However, in the Swedish national session we were not one of the two schools who were selected to represent Sweden in the International session of EYP. Leaving the nationals, the three of us were determined to make another attempt the following year with the ambition to reach the international session.

"So, in November 2012, the three of us once again participated in the regionals, which we passed even easier than the previous. We went on to participate in the Swedish nationals this time with the company of Leo and Veronica. After four days debating, holding speeches and meeting new people we got the news that we, together with the team from Kungsholmen gymnasium, were to represent Sweden in the International session of EYP 2013, taking place in Munich in April.

"For those who don’t know, EYP is an organization reaching beyond the borders of the nations of the EU. In Munich a total of 34 countries gathered to discuss current topics, debate, party and make friends. Personally, I don’t see EYP as a political youth platform, which is what most people who are unfamiliar with EYP believe. To me EYP is about taking advantage of your European Citizenship and meeting people you never thought you would get to meet. For example, one of the people I got to know the best was from Belarus, Europe’s last dictatorship. After attending the international session of EYP I no longer associate EYP with discussions, debates and clauses, but above all feelings such as inclusion, respect and being taken seriously.

"From being introduced to my committee, to holding a speech in the General Assembly for 300 fellow EYPers, including members of the European Commission, EYP has been nothing but a big demonstration of how young and brilliant people can come together regardless of culture, nationality or values. Being a European, EYP is something that as many people as possible should take advantage of. My EYP journey is far from over but what I will take with me from Munich, apart from hitting the club with true Irishmen, doing the Harlem shake with 300 EYPers in front of the Munich opra house and beating Hannes in a stereotypical Bavarian pub game, is the unity I have found with everyone else at EYP. It is a necessity for European youth to see more than one national perspective and work together towards a common, multi-cultural, welcoming Europe. This cannot be achieved through politics at top EU levels by dull bureaucrats, but through youth interaction. This is what the EYP is all about."

Pontus Korsgren



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