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European Youth Parliament - National session in Gothenburg 2014

By Editor

(Image: Hannes requesting to speak at the EYP debates.)

On friday 31/1 to monday 3/2 IEGS participated at the National Session of the European Youth Parliament 2014, in Gothenburg. A big thank you to Alexus Akello, Amanda Orpana, Iman Slaka and Zain Mumtaz for sacrificing not only their weekend, but also a good share of night's sleep, to represent the school, which they did in an impressive way.

Hannes Ahlvin and Yasmin Dinar (who both were present at last year's international assembly) also played an important role at the event as chairs.

Although we did not win this year's nationals, and will therefore not participate in the international session, everyone should give a big congratulations to this team of students who put in their best effort. It was undoubtedly an experience to remember.

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