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Fettisdagen Celebrations

By Editor

February 12 saw students from NV1C surprising the school with a delicious array of Semlor. The whole class got involved with some of the students baking whilst others took care of selling them.


Many students and staff seized the opportunity to indulge in a tasty bun after lunch.

"It's wonderful when students take this kind of initiative," said Dr Benedikz. "I think NVC1 made a lot of people happy. It was a lovely treat on a winter's day."

Many thanks to:

Abdi Ali Fardowsa, Al Khamisi Elita, Ali Maraam, Andersson Edvin, Azimi Tara, Bergentoft Filip, Bhullar Komal, Chowdhury Hafsa Samiara, Dikme Altay, El Bajdi Nabil, Forstén Klinc Rasmus, Ghebretensae Frahiwet, Habib Sabrin, Kazemi LeIla Caroline, Khaled Nora, Lien Alexandra, Lundgren Mårtensson Linda, Längbo Gabrielle, Miletic Igor, Naqvi Adel, Russel Otto, Singh Jessica, Ström Axel, Svensson Jacob, Swartling Julia, Töyrå Mendez Ewa, Wessén Erik, Wetterstrand Sofia, Zelenin Ivan and Åsund Anna.

Special thanks to Leila Caroline Kazemi for providing the photographs.

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