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Fewer University Places Available in UK

By Editor

(Image: University places are harder to get this year)

The Times reports today that there will be no university places for over 50,000 students with "good grades" this year.

In alarming news, it seems Mary Curnock Cook, the head of UCAS, has warned that more students than last year with good grades won't get on to university courses in the UK in the autumn.


Mary Curnock Cook warned school-leavers: “I can’t wave a magic wand and pretend that they are going to have to do anything other than reappraise their aspirations,” she said.

According to The Times:" "UCAS applications are already up by 23 percent — or 106,389— this year, but the number of places has been cut by 6,000."

Last year, 30,000 good students failed to get into university.

Among the third years at IEGS who've applied for university in the UK, the vast majority have been offered conditional places (subject to them getting specific grades).

However, it's looking likely that educational cuts in Britain and the increasing number of students wanting to study at university are making places more difficult to come by.

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