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Friday at Gymnasiemässan

By Editor
A moment's silence

A moment's silence

Today was another hectic day at Stockholmmässan. Dr Benedikz and Mr Spires worked the morning slot with a merry band of dynamic students. After the disruptions on the T-bana kept students away for the first hour or so it was pandemonium after 10:00 when literally wave after wave of 9th graders descended on the stand.

Mr Theding, Mr Olson appeared around lunch time and then Ms Fuster Valles and Mr Hill did the late-afternoon shift.

There were stacks of brilliant IEG students who showed up during the day to lend a hand and tell students about what you can study and do at our school: a big THANK YOU for making us so proud of you all. You did a great job.

"I think we handed out just over 2000 brochures again today," says Dr Benedikz. "I can't believe how positive the response has been from ninth graders. It's lovely to see so many people interested in our school."

Making a Hard Decision

Those of us that work at IEG know just how hard it is to decide which gymnasium to apply to. Our advice is to visit as many schools as possible. You need to find a school that feels right.

Don't just listen to what friends or teachers tell you; go and look around for yourself. Find what suits you.

But do make sure you give yourself the best kind of future possible: no matter which school you end up going to, choose either the Social Science or Natural Science Programme. These are the programmes that will get you into higher education and university studies.

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