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The Friday Interview: Armen Fatollahzadeh

By Editor

This week IEG Latest News talks to Armen Fatollahzadeh, who graduated from IEG back in 2007.

Armen took the Natural Science Programme and is currently juggling courses in Business & Economy at KTH, Södertörn University and is also about to take a course at Stockholm University's Law Department.

Armen is currently studying Business & Economy at university
Armen is currently studying Business & Economy at university

IEG: What was it like starting university after IEG?

Armen: I think the thing that really surprised me was just how prepared we were for university. I think students at IEG have a tendency to underestimate the level of the teaching at the school. I got to university and really felt that I was so much better prepared than other students.

IEG: Do you mean because you spoke better English?

Armen: No, not just that. Those of us that graduated IEG did have great English but we were also prepared to tackle academic work. I understood what was expected of me. It was like the teachers from the school really gave me a head start. The teachers at IEG are equal to the teachers at university. They have the same level of quality, presentation, academic engagement.

IEG: Have you kept in touch with Engelska Gymnasiet and your old class mates?

Armen: Mostly through things like Facebook. My year are all over the place studying at university. I bump into some of my old classmates at KTH and around Södertörn. I know some are abroad studying at Nottingham University or at university in Ireland. I think the new alumni initiative by IEG is excellent and I'm pleased to see how the school is doing a lot to promote itself. It was cool to see Mr Frato interviewed in Dagens Nyheter. I was impressed. There he was: one of my old teachers getting media attention for his novel. That was great to see!

IEG: So are you going to come back and visit the new school buildings sometime soon ? [Editor: IEG moved to Allhelgonagatan in June 2008]

Armen: I hope so. It's great that the school is going to organize a special day to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of IEG in the spring. I'll come to that.

IEG: So what's next for you, Armen?

Armen: I've got another year to finish my degree in Business and Economy. Then I'm thinking seriously about doing something like an MBA. Either in Sweden or possibly the UK.

IEG: We'll, we really recommend you look at MBA programmes in the UK. There's a lot of great stuff over there that you should check out. The Guardian provides a great list of the top schools for Business and Management Studies.

Everyone at IEG wishes Armen, who many staff at IEG remember as an extremely diligent and helpful student – always keen to lend a hand - the very best for his future studies. We hope he, like everyone who has graduated from the school, signs up for the Alumni Association Newsletter to keep in touch and returns to help us celebrate Ten Years of IEG in the spring.

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