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The Friday Interview: Mr Anthony Taylor

By Editor

(Image: "The Care Team place an invisible safety net around the whole school")

This week IEG News talks to Mr Anthony Taylor, Safety and Security Advisor at IEGS and Special Educator. A popular figure in the school, Mr Taylor is usually the first port of call for all visitors to the building as his office is just to the left as you enter the building.

IEG News: What's your role at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm?


Mr Taylor:My role is both varied and multi-layered: it focuses on people, property and information.

I am one member of six people who belong to the IEGS Care Team, which is managed by Mr Spires, Deputy Principal. The Care Team works collectively towards the establishment and maintenance of 'well-being and happiness' amongst all the people working and studying at IEGS.

I am interested in the 'collective working environment', which presently accommodates nearly 700 people – soon to be 800. Ultimately, I identify any problem(s) that may impact in a negative way on people, property and information. Once identified I remove the problem(s), or at the very least reduce it before it comes into contact with people or impacts on the working life of IEGS property/information.

I also support all the school staff, at all levels/departments. I substitute when needed as well as help various students with English. I have regular and direct contact with various external resources and agencies whose own role is to support the community of which IEGS is a part.

In essence in order to maintain and develop a feeling of 'well-being and happiness' the Care Team place an invisible safety net around the whole school. The net is there to keep everyone and everything safe; that net is in parts visible in order to remind the 'people', we, I, are there making IEGS a safe place to work and study.

IEG: What sort of things do you have to deal with on a daily basis?

Mr Taylor:I deal with all sorts of interesting challenges. I have to deal with things around the social, academic and personal aspects of the people at the school. This includes maintaining the safety and security of the building. Advising students and staff about how to deal with certain situations. I also monitor and inspect the building and rest of the property here. I also help with liaising between the outside world and the school. Often, I'm the first port of call for visitors to IEGS. I am never bored.

IEG: What's it like working at an International English school in Sweden compared to your previous jobs?

Mr Taylor:There are many chapters in my working life, all are very different and yet they all have a common theme, 'people'.

I like bringing 'happy endings' to the challenges people bring my way. The content of this chapter of my life is very rich, colourful and rewarding because of all the the people in it. For that I am both fortunate and very grateful. That said, I look forward to the next chapter, whatever that is, just as we should all.

IEG: What one thing do you think would improve the day-to-day life at IEG?

Mr Taylor:To build more long-lasting and mutually beneficial bridges of 'communication and respect' between people.

IEG: What's the biggest challenge you face in your role at the school?

Mr Taylor:Helping to develop the confidence and knowledge in people to be master bridge builders of communication and respect.

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