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The Friday Interview: Mr Leon Kühn

By Editor

(Image: The mural waiting to be painted and new sofas ready to be unpacked)

This week IEG Latest News talks to Mr Leon Kühn, Head of the Arts Department, about the imminent launch of a new cultural meeting place in the school.

IEG: So what's this cultural space all about?

Mr Kuhn: It's a meeting place that we're going to open outside the Aula. The idea is that it will be a place for students to share cultural activities as well as relax and and spend time together. There's going to be a café, a creative wall where students can exhibit writing and art, an exhibition wall for the Art Club and a podium so people can give readings and performances.

IEG: Is this a teacher led initiative?

'We hope this will help nurture the creativity that exists at IEG'
'We hope this will help nurture the creativity that exists at IEG'

Mr Kühn: No, the idea came about from two second years: Rebecca and Fatima. They wanted to do this as part of the leadership initiative they're doing. The Art Club have helped too and myself and Ms O'Connell have been on hand to help facilitate their ideas, support them, and generally oversee the project. Rebecca and Fatima and all the students involved have really shown great initiative and dedication.

IEG: Why a cultural meeting place?

Mr Kühn: We all felt that there's a need for a space in the school where students can express their creativity – and not just hang out. The idea of this is that it's not a common room or anything but a way of coming together through cultural activity. There's so many creative people we hope this will help nurture the creativity that exists within the Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet community.

Working to get it finished
Working to get it finished

IEG: So when will it be open?
Mr Kühn: We're working to get it ready for November 25th or thereabouts. The idea is that it should be ready for Open House. Then we'd like to have an official opening with plenty of cultural contributions like poetry, art, and music.

IEG: What else can you tell us about the cultural space?
Mr Kühn: Well, we haven't decided what to call it yet. That's something we're discussing. There's going to be a great coffee machine there for students to access. There will also be a café that some of the other school clubs can use to run bake-sales and stuff to raise money for various causes like Amnesty.

IEG Latest News wishes everyone involved in the project the best of luck in bringing to fruition. We hope to report on the official opening very soon.

Images: Jon Buscall / Svenskt Skolfoto / Leon Kühn
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