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The Friday Interview: Nazli Pirayehgar

By Editor

(Image: "I will remember the 5-Minute Rule")

This week IEG News talks to Nazli Pirayehgar, a third year social science student who has featured in the promotional material for Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet whilst she's been at the school.

IEG: You've been the face of IEG for the school's publicity material for three years now. What's that been like?


Nazli: Amazing! It has been incredibly fun, but above all it has been such an honor for me. At first, it felt strange but after a couple of days when I got used to it, I really enjoyed it. Especially during the periods when the school advertised with big posters on the underground. I have also received many positive comments from friends and family.

IEG: Has anything weird or funny happened because your face has been on posters on the underground, across the city and now even on Spotify?

Nazli: Not necessarily anything weird. But I think it is funny when friends, teachers as well as people I don’t know ask me how much I got paid! I always answer with a confusing tone: "I’m just a student who has been given the opportunity to be the “face” of IEG for most of the school’s advertising material." I have really enjoyed it so that it more than enough for me.

IEG: With Open House coming up on January 28, what advice would you give to students coming along to visit IEG?

Nazli: If you are a student who is motivated about studying and interested in a school with a high academic standard which prepares you for university - you should definitely apply for IEG. However, you should not be afraid by the fact that the education is taught in English. Lots of students who start at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet do not come from English-speaking families or have previously studied in English so you shouldn't worry. After a couple of months everyone is confident with studying in English!

IEG: You're House Captain for King House? What does that entail?

Nazli: This is my first term as House Captain for King, so I haven’t really got started yet. However, I believe a House Captain should be a role model, a supportive senior and organize
different activities, such as assemblies.

IEG: What do you think you'll remember most about IEG looking back?

Nazli: Haha, I will remember how loud me and my friends were everyday in the lunch room and how every single teacher over the course of three years has told us to keep our voices down. I will definitely remember all the wonderful friends I met at IEG and all the teachers who inspired me. I will remember the "5-Minute Rule" and how annoying it was when you were 6 minutes late. Last but not least, I will remember what a talent Mr. Spires has for screaming in the aula. I think I really will miss the whole IEG package!

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