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The Friday Interview: OverPwered Gaming

By Editor

Emil Olors, Antonio Grondowski, Marius Matusevicius and Kristian Dam-Jensen are serious gamers. They're the kind of guys that think staying up all night in some downtown city gaming café, taking on the forces of evil, rocks.

"Last year we spent a lot of free periods hanging out at a gaming café near the school," admits Marius Matusevicius. "It was a lot of fun."

The lads are keen to point out that gaming doesn't get in the way of school work.

"It's just something we do to be social and hang out," says Emil Olors. "For me as a social science student gaming has brought me into contact with students I might not have met otherwise."

New Website Launched

visit the site

To promote online gaming in the school and bring likeminded gamers together, the lads have set up a website.

"The idea is that we want to bring people together so we can play online and have some fun," says webmaster Kristian Dam-Jensen, a second year Natural Science student at IEG. "We use the site to set up games, share tips and coordinate matches."

"We also discuss homework in the forum occasionally," says Antonio Grondowski. "Through the site it's so easy to share info and contact each other online."

Kristian admits it had been a struggle to find the right software to run the website.

"We've just moved to a content management system designed specifically for gamers. This will make the forum and community much easier to manage."

Now that the new site's up the lads would like to invite everyone who is interested in online gaming in the school to join in.

"This could be a great place to hang out online outside school for everyone at IEG who loves gaming," says Marius.

The lads are hoping that if the community really takes off they'll be able to organise an all night "gibb"
–playing an online game in a café.

"I'd love to see twenty or so people wearing IEG T-shirts at a Night Gibb at, say, Inferno Online," says Marius.

"It would be awesome!" the others agree.

IEGS to Sponsor Night Gibb

Dr Benedikz confirmed that IES Täby organised a gibb for their students last year.

"I think it could be really fun for students to do something like that," Dr Benedikz told IEG Latest News. "The school could probably organize sponsorship with T-shirts or something. Perhaps this is something Heads of House could put together with help from the OverPwered Gaming Club?"

In the meantime, Emil, Antonio, Marius and Kristian would like to encourage anyone interested in finding out more about online gaming to contact them.

"It could be a great way for first, second and third years to get to know each other," says Emil."I also know that there are girls out there into online gaming. It would be great if they joined the club. We want a broad range of the school community to get involved."

To find out more, contact Kristian or visit OverPwered Gaming

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