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Go and See 3rd Year Project Film at Kulturhuset

By Editor

Matilda Lind and Fatima Abdalla from S3A have made a documentary for their 3rd year project.

The documentary According To the Rules of Art (Enligt Konstens Alla Regler) is about street art in Stockholm in relation to democratic values.


It is constructed around eight interviews recorded during the fall of 2010. The central themes of discussion are: the right to the public sphere, motives behind street art, and whether the zero tolerance policy of street art in Stockholm is compatible with democratic values.


The film will be shown on Friday May 27 at Klarabiografen in Kulturhuset at 16.30 and 17.00. Entrance is free.

Students and staff from the Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet community are encouraged to go and see the film and support our talented students!

Everyone is welcome !

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