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Good Bye Mr. Maier

By Editor

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“I need to walk the walk. Because I’m always telling people to challenge themselves and take on new things so, here it goes.”

As all of us know, our beloved counselor Mr. Maier has now left IEGS for new adventures.

“I’m very comfortable here, I’ve been here six years, I can be here forever. But I think it’s time to lift the anchor, set sails, and see what happens”, he says.

Throughout the years, Mr. Maier has always encouraged and given advice to students as well as teachers, and as it happens, it looks like he is taking his own advice. After having worked at IEGS for six years, he has gotten the opportunity to work at Stockholm International School. There, he will be faced with new adventurous experiences working as a counselor for younger children, which perhaps will be challenging in a new way. There is no doubt that he will do just as great there as he has done here.

However, a gain for them is a loss for us, since we can say with certainty that he will be missed by everyone here at the school. The truth is, we have all gotten a lot of joy just from seeing him walking through the corridors with that big smile on his face. He will be one of the people that we will remember from our time in gymnasiet. Although, one might wonder what he will remember and take with him from his time at IEGS:

“I will take tons and tons of memories with me, all the courage and all the strengths that I’ve seen the students have. In their day-to-day lives many of them have gone such difficult things, and I think I’m gonna take that with me and try to put it in my own life.”

Thank you for these six years Mr. Maier. Stockholm International School is very lucky to have you. You have inspired a great deal of people and touched so many hearts here at IEGS, so that it’s barely possible to count. You will be missed. So without further ado we would just want to tell you the same thing you told us a while ago:

“You're off to Great Places!

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting,

So... get on your way!” - Dr.Seuss

We wish you all the best on your adventures, as long as you promise to come by and visit us!

[Authored by Johanna Bergström & Venus Asadi of Text Communication]

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