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Goodbye to 2016 from Dr Heimeier

By Megan Rocher
Christmas break is here!
THANK YOU students and staff for a memorable Autumn term. You are both deserving and ready for some rest! We have been busy! Indeed, we had a beautiful Lucia celebration, house suppers, shows, project week, acts of kindness, science fiction fikas, decorated hallways and generous donations of food and clothes for our school’s Stockholm Stadmissionen drive– and that was all during December!
During this term we came together in our first “A show of talent “ event, to celebrate our school and raise awareness to the EC scholarship, which has been created in Memory of Ellinor Carlsson. We hope this will become an annual event! We also displayed sportsmanship and teamwork in our IHC events like song, basketball, and debate. IEGS hosted the national European Youth Parliament competition in November, seeing well over 100 youth from across Sweden to discuss issues concerning Europe today. We are proud of our school’s novice debating team who performed exceptionally in the Swedish National Debating Championships in Sigtuna. Three members of this team will be traveling to Brussels next summer to see debate in action at the EU commission.

This term our staff attended various conferences and workshops to continue their professional development. IEGS proudly hosted the annual IES conference for the Stockholm 1 region, where we heard from educational big names such as CJ Simister, Tom Bennett and David Didau and saw 15 of our own teachers lead workshops.
The holidays are an exciting but relaxing time, to celebrate and be with family and friends. Some of you may be traveling abroad, experience new languages, food and culture. Others may test their skills in baking, crafts, music or sports, or even be experiencing their first ever Swedish Jul! Whatever you do, wherever you are, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you in 2017!

/Dr Heimeier


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