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Graduation 2010

By Editor

(Celebrating overall academic excellence)

It was a day of excitement and celebration on Monday at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet as the third years finally graduated.

The third years are the last class to graduate who originally started when Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet was in Gubbängen.

"It's been an exciting journey for them," said Dr Benedikz, IEG principal. "We've gone from being a relative small school to quite a large school in a very short space of time."

Amongst the graduating students three students in particular deserved special mention: Christina Roeck Hansen, Miriam Lukasiak, Madeleine Wahlström (pictures) graduated with a perfect score of 20; i.e. MVG in every subject.

"It's a fabulous achievement," said Dr Benedikz, who presented each of the girls with a certificate and iPod to mark their outstanding academic performance.

Subject prizes were awarded to:

Project work: Duane Kimani
Art: June Ljeh
Biology: Miriam Lukasiak
Business Studies: Feridun Kaya
Mathematics: Sara Sjösten
Chemistry: Christina Roeck Hansen
Civics: Madeleine Wahlström
Civics: Emmie Thomas
Drama: Nabila Al Tallaj
English: Viktor Wase
HIstory: Victor Bernard
History: Miriam Lukasiak
Music: Anton Jeppsson
Philosophy: Viktor Wase
Physics: Sara Sjösten
Project Work: Nazli Pirayehgar
Project Work: Johanna Wahrenberg
Psychology: Emmie Faurschou
Spanish: Miriam Lukasiak

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