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GYAR – Gymnasiearbetet at IEGS

By Suma Venkatagiri

Word cloud based on some of the words found in this years GYAR reports

Springtime has reached Stockholm and that means once again the third year students have succeeded in submitting their year long Gymnasiearbetet senior projects. GYAR projects come in many shapes and sizes at the school but they all share the common challenge to produce a final piece of work that uses all the tools and knowledge gained by the students during their three years of high school study in a specific program. Projects were carried out during 2018-2019 in the school, and a number of students were successful in being accepted to GYAR projects at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University, and other research summer programs.

Moving forward we are happy that a record breaking number of second-year students have recently been accepted to carry out their GYAR projects at Stockholm University and at Karolinska for the summer of 2019. A total of 18 students will be carrying out summer research.

Dr Young

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