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Happy IEGS Campers

By Editor

The end of year brings many emotions for the entire IEGS community. Excitement that summer is upon us comes directly into conflict with the stressful emotions of deadlines, finals, and – ahhhhh – the g word: grades!

The Student Health and Development Team thought it wise to offer a healthy alternative to cope with the challenge. A chance to experience peace and tranquility in the beautiful Swedish forests. Well...there was some peace in between all the splashing, laughing, roasting of marshmallows, tents falling down, and sharing of stories around the camp fire.

We did a camping trip last year to the same location at approximately the same time of year with the same good fortune of fine Swedish weather. This year we had a good mix of both Social and Natural Science students from all year groups.

May June 2011 107

Mr. Roberts (safety and security officer), Mr. Maier (school counselor), and Mr. Jones (math and physics teacher) met 17 students Friday morning at Handen Station (not too early...10am) and checked to make sure no one was in high heels.

Once everyone had checked their equipment, we said goodbye to civilization and began our 13k hike along the beautiful Sörmlandsleden trail with our camping destination being the Paradisets naturreservat.

The only scary incidents during the trip was the bizarre happenings to Mr. Jones tent during the night – no doubt payback for his math / physics tests?!!?? And then there was a daring rescue by Mr. Jones when Mr. Maier's 4 year old son Aiden slipped into the lake when trying to catch his 100th tadpole.

Otherwise it was a safe, fun, and re-energizing trip that helped those who journeyed finish the year on a positive note.

We look forward to our return to Paradiset next year in June!

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