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Hard to Get into British Universities This Year

By Editor
Dr Margret Benedikz
Getting harder to get into university in the UK

IEGS principal Dr Margret Benedikz has expressed concern that it's getting harder to get into top British universities.

"The news in (British newspaper) The Guardian today is worrying," admits Dr Benedikz. "With the present UK government axing 10,000 places this year it looks like even top students are going to struggle to win a place."

Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Students Winning Places

Thankfully, the vast majority of Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet students who applied to British universities for entry in September won places.

"I was very pleased to see IEGS students get places at universities like Cambridge, Kent, Hull and Edinburgh this year," says Dr Benedikz. "We do our absolute utmost to ensure our top students go abroad to study."

However, Dr Benedikz warned that Swedish students will have to work harder than ever before if they're going to fulfill their dream of studying in the UK.

"Because of education cuts in the UK and the increased number of British students applying to university our students are going to have to have the very highest grades if they want to get into top universities," explains Dr Benedikz. "It's always been competitive but the combination of cuts, increased applications and the downturn in the world economy have combined to make it tougher."

Despite the news, Dr Benedikz is convinced IEGS students are well-placed to do well.

"Our students work extremely hard, are ambitious and take applying to university abroad very seriously," she says. "We give them as much support and advice as possible and there's absolutely no reason for our top students to worry – as long as they keep up the good work!!

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