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How to Choose the Right Gymnasium for You

By Editor

by Anna Bojic -from the Text & Communication Class

Choosing which gymnasium you are going to stay at for the next three years is a difficult choice for many young people. There are many things that should be considered when deciding your new school and it can all get very stressful - but calm down, kids! The IEGS Guide is here to help you choose the right gymnasium for You!

Calm Down

Choosing your gymnasium is not a life-changing thing. It is very easy nowadays to change gymnasium/programme/class if you are not satisfied with your choice. So, relax, and start thinking!

Trust Your Gut Feeling

You should never pick your gymnasium based on the fact that “all of your friends are going to go there”. Maybe the school is right for them, but not for you. You can of course listen to advice from others, such as friends and family, but you should not be too influenced. Your parents might think that a school suits perfect for you, but if you don't feel like you belong there, then that is not the best choice for you. As we say in English: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions!"

3 Years is Not the Rest of Your Life

If you are not one of those people that have been dreaming of to become a doctor or a hairdresser since you were little, don't panic because you feel like you don't have a “dream”. Start thinking about your interests instead. Do you love to be on stage? Maybe the Arts Programme is for you. Or are you perhaps the one that always speaks up during English class? Maybe an English speaking-/international school is something for you ('s a tip !: Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet...)? Remember: it's three years of your life. Why not spend the time on something you really love?

Visit Open House Everywhere!

Visit as many schools as you can at their Open Houses. I had my own experience of almost choosing the wrong school. I wanted to study music at a specific school in Stockholm, but my mind changed when I visited the school. The school was so tiny that it gave me claustrophobia-shivers, I could not stand it. If I couldn't stay in the school for more than five minutes, how would I ever survive there for three years? As I said before, listen to your instincts. Look around the Stockholm (or even Södermalm) and see what's available.

The Important Stuff

There are many things you should take in consideration when choosing your school. For example, the minor consequences that come along with the new school. How far away should the school be? Five minutes, half an hour, one hour? Are you ready to pay for the food at your school? Set your limits right from the start and you will have an easier time sorting out all the schools.

A Free Computer or an Awesome Education?

Don't pick your school just because you get a free computer, or a gym-card, or even driving lessons. Look at what courses the school is offering instead. If you hate natural science and you notice that your school is making it obligatory for you to take a natural science-course each year for three years, then what does a free computer mean to you now? If your school does have great interesting courses offered to you AND a free computer, then that is just a great deal for you.

Choosing your gymnasium doesn't have to be that hard. Listen to your instincts, choose something you really like or are really interested in and the three years will just fly by! Think of what is important for You so that you can have the best education possible. Good luck!

Important websites to visit

and Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet, of course, if you're looking for an academically orientated school that will help you get into university in Sweden or abroad.

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