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How to Improve Your Vocabulary

By Editor
how to improve your vocabulary
Learn a word a day!

At Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm we speak lots of languages as we're a very international community. But what can you do if you're struggling to improve your vocabulary in English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Latin, German or any of the other languages we use at school?

To kick the week off, here are 5 tips that will help you increase your vocabulary, no doubt about it.

1. Read more!

Books, magazines, text books, the Net. The more words you're exposed to, the more words you'll learn. Try to read different kinds of texts and different kinds of writers. That way you'll expose yourself to new influences.

2. Sign up for "Word of the Day" or decide to learn a new word each day from a dictionary of your choice.

Actively setting out to learn one new word a day will result in a major increase in your vocabulary.
Imagine if you did that for every day of the three years you studied at IEG. That's nearly a thousand new words!

3. Listen to plays, news reports, current affairs programmes, etc, on the radio.

On TV, you get a lot of information from what you visually understand. Radio is a great way to find new words and new voices. If you like English, try BBC Radio's iPlayer. There's lots of plays, and wonderful resources to access online.

4. Write down new words.

Keep a list of them in a notebook or on your phone. Check them whilst you're out and about. Travelling on the train is a great time to learn new words.

5. Play Scrabble!

It's a great way of competing with others and pushing you to improve your vocabulary.
It's available in lots of languages.


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