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I Love Boobies

By Editor

Text & Communications student Amina Arte got the lowdown on a fabulous initiative by IEGS students to aid cancer research.

Patrik Karimi, Jacqueline Fritzon, Amanda Wallberg & Victor Fritzon

Four third year students from Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm, Patrik Karimi, Victor Fritzon, Jacqueline Fritzon and Amanda Wallberg, took the initiative in August 2010 to fight breast cancer by starting their own company. The aim was to generate more than just an income and give 10 SEK per mug sold to Swedish breast cancer charity Rosa Bandet.

Koolkups is the name of the UF Company working with breast cancer research in order to “make every day special”. They allow you to purchase their product with a custom made design of your own choice, or one related to breast cancer.

Wanted to make a statement

“We feel that it is an important subject that we wanted to highlight due to the huge effect it has on women all over the world. After all, if we want a change, why shouldn’t we start with ourselves?" explained Patrik Karimi, Victor Fritzon, Jacqueline Fritzon and Amanda Wallberg.

The Koolkups founders came up with their business idea while sitting on the train, as one of them was holding a KTH thermos. They wanted to create a product that is used by people on an everyday basis and thought of doing a takeaway mug of porcelain, as the material insulates the heat for a longer period of time. This, in particular, makes tea really hot.

“It was initially our project work, but we decided to give it a more globally significant reason,” the group said.

They conducted a survey where the result showed that most people would use the mug for coffee, minimizing the potential problems with tea. As well as the benefits of porcelain, that gives the mug an aesthetically pleasing look along with the decrease of any future smells that are often found after using a thermos. The survey concluded that the participants were most interested in an environmentally friendly costumed designed mug.

Coffee is something that generally everyone drinks from all ages and cultures. This was the reason for Koolkups focus given that approximately 1. 3 million paper cups are used everyday in Sweden. With Koolkups on the other hand it only costs 90 öre per cup of coffee rather than the 30kr that you pay in cafés or on the go. The mug is ideal for people that use a coffee machine either at home or at work.

“We consume coffee regularly ourselves, that’s why we though it would be an appealing sales perspective," the girls explained.


The group found inspiration for their product through their business class and their choice of the social science program majoring in economics. Considering their choice of studies, this was an appropriate way of contributing to the cause of breast cancer as they have the knowledge required of starting up a business, and the means of running it.

“It’s meant to look a bit rough like a form of graffiti art, but people mistake the production of being hasty instead”, said the Koolkups founders.

The “I love boobies” mug is not the typical drab product that you see every day because Koolkups decided on giving it a handmade look. This shows the consumer that it’s personal, and a representation of the effort and craftsmanship that goes into it. This also reflects the effort and determination that goes into breast cancer research.

Koolkups are laying the foundations of a successful company as they are already receiving massive orders for their customized mugs, priced at 129kr with an additional 20kr for a message of your own choice. I love boobies is currently the most popular choice of message.

To make a difference, you can now order from the Koolkups website. You can choose your own message or go for the popular “I Love Boobies”.

For more information visit or contact them via email at

Remember, with Koolkups “A cup of coffee a day keeps cancer away” .

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