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IEG Art Students Take to the Streets

By Editor

(Image: Student art on the streets of Stockholm)

During May 2009 art students from Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm exhibited their work on the streets and other public places in Stockholm.

“This wasn’t graffiti, nor the random act of vandalism,” says Leon Kuhn, head of the Arts Department. “It was a group street art project.”

The aim of the project was to build an art object(s) that could fit or enhance the urban environment.

“The students also wanted to do some good by sending a strong message and personal message to people who discovered object in the urban setting,” explains Mr Kuhn.

Students worked closely together with professional artist Anna Hesselgren, who is perhaps best know for her “Still Alive” street-art project in Stockholm, Växsjö and Berlin.

Each group had to plan, build and place their art object in the public environment, communicate a message and follow up on feedback from the found objects.

“One of these was a decorated box, with a balloon connected to it (to attract attention), filled with a hand made half bitten spoon and information about ‘världens barn’,”says Mr Kuhn. “It also included an explanation on the concept.”

Another exhibit that was seen by many people was the arch in between the school and the T-bana decorated as a beach, which attracted many positive comments.

“We wanted to show the creative positive face of street art,” says Mr Kuhn, “and of course not miss the opportunity to make a positive impact on society.”

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