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IEG Art Teacher Exhibits Earth Art

By Editor

(Image: earth art by Leon Kühn)

IEG art teacher Mr Leon Kühn is holding an exhibition at Gallery Adesso, Åsögatan 136, on Södermalm this week.

The exhibition entitled earth art opened last week with over 100 people attending the vernissage.

Over 100 attending the opening of earth art
Over 100 attended the opening of earth art

"It's a opportunity for me to show some of the new work I've been doing," says Mr Kühn, who is also head of the Arts Department at IEG. "All the work is inspired by the living environment. I've been working a lot with natural materials."

As well as visiting the exhibition you can find out more about earth art by visiting Mr Kühn's new website:

Gallery Adesso is open from 12:00 until 18:00 each day and runs until December 2.

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