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IEG Christmas Show 2009

By Editor

The end of term Christmas Show on Friday was an absolute blast!

Students from Pavlov and Russell and then King and Curie piled into the Aula to listen to a variety of performances by students.

First up was Sam, Dahlia & Co who put Christmas firmly on the agenda with a harmonious rendition of "All I want for Christmas".

Theatre students Johanna O, John Leo, Jessica P, Ella S, Ikrah F and Heidi A were then next up with a brilliant piece of comedy as the lead went in search of an argument. Ikrah F stole the show with "the complaining room" although everyone did brilliantly.

Otto from Curie House then took to the stage to sing "Plush" and stunned everyone with his dulcet tones. Dr Benedikz was heard to comment, "What a brilliant voice."

Anna Erlander then performed a song at the piano that she wrote only two weeks ago – "Wanting". A seasoned IEG performer, Anna's fans cheered and clapped along.

Anna & André (Photo: Anna Erlander)

Working hard to keep the stage in order, Mr Sery and Mr Gelineo quickly prepared for the next act: Filip, Saga and Adele who performed the exquisite "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room", drawing thunderous applause from the audience.

André and Anna turned up the volume with their great rendition of "Mookies Last Christmas" and then it was back to the theatre as the same team that performed the first sketch took to the stage again with a piece they'd written themselves. Again, the theatre student milked the audience for laughter demonstrating that they're learning their stage craft. It's exciting to see what the drama team come up with next.

Fatima & Åsa (Photo: Anna Erlander)

Fatima and Åsa from Russell and Pavlov House respectively joined up to showcase a brilliantly haunting song they'd composed, "untitled", before Amanda Widmalm sang a spine-tingling rendition of Ave Maria.

Surprise Appearance By 2 Teachers

The finalé saw some of IEG finest dancers take to the stage to perform a fushion of colour and dance. To the audience's squeals of delight Mr Sery and Ms Jern made a surprise appearance and as the number drew to a close the audience cheered and applauded a wonderful spectacle.

"It was fantastic to see Mr Sery and Ms Jern on stage," said Kin, a third year from Russell House.

"There are so many great voices and talents at the school," Alex Baker said. "It really was a great show."

Dr Benedikiz, school principal, was also delighted with the Christmas Show.

"It's wonderful to see students come together and share their talents, celebrating the end of term with so much creativity and cultural diversity."

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