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The IEGS Art Exhibition 2018

By Megan Rocher

This years IEGS Art Exhibition had a lot of great contributions! Every house participated in making the Art Exhibition as great as it was. This year it was held during open house generating a huge outsider influx and really showed the public what the talented people of IEGS can do!

“It’s so impressive!”

 “I would totally hang this up in my house!”

“Wow, I had no idea there were so many talented people at my school!”

We also had contributions from many teachers around the school; such as Mr Khün’s lovely “Dragonflies” piece, Ms Moore’s amazing collages from when she was young as well as Ms Alis’s eye-catching watercolours!

The students that got to see the work all agreed that we are a school full of talented artists! It was an exciting two day event that got to showcase everyones talents. However another attraction (other than the amazing art) were the chips and cider! Bringing people to the Art Exhibition who usually may not have visited. Everyone that participated and everyone that came to see had a great time! And we hope to do it again soon!

/ Mira Wood 


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