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IEGS Awards

By Lydia Barsawme
utmärkelser för utmärkt utbildning

During week 37 all IES principals took part in the annual principals conference, including our principal Dr. Heimeier. The theme for the conference was well being and it was a two day conference where one was to share best practices in different areas. This theme is now brought back to the individual schools where staff focus around it in different ways. 

Also during this time schools were honoured for accomplishments over the year and this year we are proud to have brought home three awards! They were in different categories and we now proudly display them in our staff room. They were given on a combined performance in terms of quality targets and survey results from students, staff and families. 

The first award academic award for ranking above the IBO global average in total grade average, global average subject score and total percentage receiving diplomas. The second award was for improved percentage of students receiving examensbevis for National Programs. And the third award was for a special recognition of 10 of our IB students achieving 40+ points. Dr. Heimeier also received an award in recognition for 10 years of outstanding school leadership at IES, what an accomplishment! 

utmärkelser för utmärkt utbildning


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