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IEGS Basketball Team Lose to Farsta Gymnasium

By Editor

Victory did not come as easy in the second round of the basket ball competition on Tuesday evening as the team from Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm suffered defeat at the hands of Farsta Gymnasium.

The evening started well enough with IEGS recording a comfortable win over Tyresö Gymnasium.

"Samir (N1B) scored a great debut basked," said Coach Spires. "Christoffer (N2B) scored a lot of fast break points, and Philmon (S2C) played very well with some excellent long range shooting, ball handling and defence play."

Unfortunately for IEGS Farsta had too many experienced club players.

"I think some of our team regretted not having turned up for practice as often as they should," said Coach Spires, "but our mixture of experience and enthusiasm was evident on court. Hareta shot well. Filip (S1B) needs to work on his aggression management though," Mr Spires warned, "but when he does he'll be a very good player."

In the cold light of day IEGS aren't sure what this defeat means in terms of our possible progression in the tournament; however, rest assured IEGS News will keep you up to date.

IEGS Basketball Team: Filmon, Philmon, Neul, Marius (Capt), Christoffer, Adrian, Samir, Hareta, Maryam Keivan, Fillip, Doruk.

Image: FlickrCC

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