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IEGS Basketball Team Wins

By Editor

Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet's finest took to the basketball court last week recording a first-round win against Kärrstorp Gymnasium.

"I think the final score was 53-31," says Coach Spires, giddy with the taste of victory.

Kärrtorp were somewhat surprised with IEGS fielding two girls in the team, but IEG had the last laugh with both girls impressing against Kärrstorp's all-boys team.

"Maryam (S1A) and Hareta (S1A) played some excellent plays," says Spires, "although at times they were a bit aggressive."

"Marius (N2C) was steady and consistent and showed his experience, whilstFlip D (S1B) made a lot of noise when fouled but thankfully didn't pick up any injuries," says Coach Spires "Christoffer (N2B) put in a lot of effort."

Adrian K showed lots of enthusiasm despite a slight injury and Kelvan (N1A) also played well.

"The lad needs to work on his fitness though," admits Spires.

Finally, Samir (N1B) made an excellent debut, according to Coach Spire, and Philmon (S2C) controlled the game from the outset.

Congratulations to the team. We're all eagerly awaiting the next round.

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