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IEGS Chess Club Kicks Off

By Editor

The IEGS Chess Club starts today, Thursday September 1, 2011.

If you're interested in joining, please meet up with Mr Bjarnestam outside the library.

"I have some great news," Mr Bjarnestam says. "I have arranged for the school to get 20 brand new chess boards FOR FREE as I am starting up this club in collaboration with Stockholms schackförbund."

Stockholms schackförbund arranges chess competitions and training opportunities for schools interested in chess.

"I hope the IEGS chess club will eventually be able to compete against other schools," says Mr Bjarnestam.

On Thursday next week (September 8), Mr Bjarnestam and IEGS will be hosting Mr Jan Peter Palmblad from Stockholms schackförbund.

"Mr Palmblad's coming to the school to give us the chess boards and further instructions on how to set up the chess club," says Mr Bjarnestam. "He will also give a talk to all interested students at 11.30."

The room for the event is still to be confirmed.

If you would like further information about the Chess Club please contact Mr Bjarnestam.

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