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IEGS Drama production – Kafka’s The Trial

By Lydia Barsawme

Great job to all involved in the drama production, opening night was a great success! If you are going to the show over the next two nights then I know you will have a good time! Doors open 19:00 at Dramalabbet – you can book tickets by emailing

Mr. Junkka
. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door.

Here’s a review of The Trial drama performance from a few anonymous people in the audience:

“captivating, thought provoking- two thumbs up”

“engaging, interesting”- great stuff

“good, amazing performances- students were really good!”

“performances were great, the show is complex but relevant to the thoughts and concepts relating to individual struggles, guilt and complex sociocultural issues”

“Very proud to see my child up there and thankful to Janna and Maestro Jonas”

“Good to see so many students contributing and the intermission had good fika with great prices”


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