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IEGS featured in British Press

By Editor
ieg in the times

Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet got a hefty mention by British media giants The Times on Monday.

With the Brits increasingly interested in Swedish "friskolor", IEGS's Communications Officer Jon Buscall was asked to write a guest post for School Gate – the Times' education blog.

Dr Buscall, who previously worked as a journalist covering Nordic education for the British press, considers some of the pros and cons of a system that has its fair share of critics – including the director general of Skolverkek, the Swedish National Agency for Education, who recently stated that the system "had not led to better results" on British TV.

Connected on Twitter

"The Times approached me after I got talking with them via the school's Twitter account," says Dr Buscall. "There's a lot of interest in what we're doing in Sweden and they asked me to discuss some of the pros and cons of the independent system."

To read Dr Buscall's full blog post for the Times, visit Are Swedish schools all they're cracked up to be?

International English Schools in the UK?

In related news, The Education Investor claimed yesterday that International English Schools, who own Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet, has met with parents representing Battersea’s Neighbourhood Schools Campaign in the UK, which aims to launch a new comprehensive school to servce South Battersea, London.

“[IES] fits perfectly into the gap between fee paying and state comprehensives. Parents groups in England want to create schools because it is very obvious that the good schools are full,” Peter Fyles told the Education Investor.

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